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About Community Service Help

Our mission at Pennsylvania Community Service is to provide access to our alternative method of community service to all at-risk individuals. It is our researched belief that our program not only makes life less stressful for at-risk individuals, but that our educational component can provide an element of rehabilitation that is desperately needed within the court system.

Our goal has always been to make community service easier on participants and to allow a feasible alternative to individuals that come from all walks of life. Our customers have always included everyone including the young, the old, the disabled, white collar, and blue collar workers alike. All of these people have been served through our system and they all share a common trait. Each of them is living a life that has entered into the court system. This common trait is the target of the educational element of our rehabilitation program. Through the classes we provide, we can give the participant hope and show them a way of self empowerment that will help them avoid further involvement with the courts.

Our model of interjection of rehabilitation and education into the lives of low level offenders has been proven effective throughout Pennsylvania and has in fact been slowly adopted throughout the United States. Matching at-risk individuals with nonprofit organizations that are interested in their rehabilitation and education has been a single beacon of hope within a court system that all too often resorts to punishment over rehabilitation. Our program is a way to touch lives and to make a difference in the future of each participant.

Educating low level offenders who are yet to be hardened into a life of chronic involvement with the courts is our goal and it is much more effective at making a positive change than having these offenders simply pick up garbage on the side of the highway.

We Will Save You Money

Serving a community service sentence is meant to be an alternative that is affordable and not as burdensome as incarceration. Yet the system is designed in such a way as to cost each participant a significant amount of money. In order to quantify this amount you should hear it from one of our recent customers. Jenny was sentenced to 85 hours service for taking some things that did not belong to her. She was having a terrible time completing her service because she recently got a new job and could not ask her employer for time off. As a result she was actually considering violating the court and ignoring her sentence. It was by sheer luck that she came across our program and found that she could perform her service without missing any work. She told us that had she gone through a traditional community service program it would have cost her over $1695 between child care, missing pay from work, and paying for gas. Not to mention losing her job which she new would happen because she was such a new employee. But with our program she spent under $50 and was able to fulfill her sentence and satisfy the court without every having to tell her employer or miss a single minute from work. This program worked for Jenny and it can work just as well for you.

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